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Specific care of outdoor Bonsai species: 1. Light. Most outdoor Bonsai trees need sunlight for at least a few hours a day. Their internodes and leaves will grow too large otherwise and they get prone to pests and diseases then. Most conifers should be placed in full sun for healthy growth. 2. Humidity.

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The windswept style in bonsai seeks to emulate the appearance of a tree that has been shaped and sculpted by strong winds blowing in a particular direction. This style can be particularly effective for juniper bonsai as it reflects the species' natural tendency to grow in harsh, windy environments.

Picture 6 I decided to change my Juniper bonsai to Windswept Style. 1/27/19 Juniper bonsai

Tree Specifications: - Age: 5-7 years - Height: 10.5 inches - Width: 9 inches - Pot Style: Rectangle Unglazed Ceramic - Pot Dimensions: 6.25" L x 5.25" W x 2.5" H Decorative Rock Included. Care information included. The picture shown above is the actual tree that will ship. Care Information Windswept Juniper Bonsai Tree

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Windswept Needle Juniper What Species to Choose? Most often, windswept trees are evergreens. Trying to create a windswept look with a large-leaf deciduous species is not convincing, as the leaves tend to grow in all directions making it difficult to believe that the wind from one side lashes the tree! Image source Juniper

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Windswept juniper bonsai is a popular choice for bonsai enthusiasts due to its unique and striking appearance. This bonsai style mimics the effect of wind on trees in nature, giving the tree a windswept appearance. While growing and caring for windswept juniper bonsai may seem daunting, with the right tips and tricks, you can easily maintain a.

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Bonsai; Styled Windswept Juniper 'procumbens nana' in an Unglazed Ceramic Pot. (No. 13044) 1 3. sale. Styled Windswept Juniper 'procumbens nana' in an Unglazed Ceramic Pot. (No. 13044). Juniper Nana bonsai can be a stunning and captivating addition to any bonsai collection, showcasing the beauty of nature in a miniature form.

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Windswept Style (Fukinagashi) How Can Junipers Support So Many Styles? Juniper trees are a popular choice for bonsai cultivation for several reasons, including their hardiness, adaptability, and aesthetic qualities. Junipers are evergreen trees that are known for their deadwood and dense green foliage.

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In this video, I style a juniper which I bought from a nursery a couple of years ago, into the windswept style using bonsai wiring techniques

Picture 6 I repotted my Juniper bonsai, Windswept Style. 01/2020 Bonsai tree, Juniper

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Picture 7 I repotted my Juniper bonsai, Windswept Style. 01/2021 Windswept Bonsai, Blue Point

What Is a Juniper Bonsai Tree? One of the most popular types of bonsai, juniper trees are members of the cypress family. Native to the northern hemisphere, various juniper species grow everywhere from the Arctic, to Eurasia, to parts of the United States. Types of Juniper Bonsai

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0:00 / 3:52 How To Make Wind Swept Bonsai? decorxp 33.6K subscribers 14K views 8 years ago Watch and learn how to make a wind-swept Bonsai using the plant Juniperius chinensis at your home..

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Windswept trees in nature often take on this form due to bud damage from cold seasonal winds on the exposed side, and/or as a result of years of almost prevailing winds blowing in one direction, which breaks off delicate twigs and buds on one side, whilst encouraging growth in the direction the wind is blowing.

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Juniper Bonsai , Cascade style and Windswept Style bonsai explained. JUNIPERUS CHINENSIS BONSAI PLANT Wondering how to make a juniper bonsai ?let's learn tog.

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Welcome to Green Zen Bonsai! In this article, we will explore the captivating world of windswept juniper bonsai.Discover the art of sculpting nature's beauty through the windswept style, where strong winds have gracefully shaped these rugged trees into works of living art.