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The Ornamentalist Doors of Florence

There are approximately 179 wine doors in the city of Florence. A few are in the countryside but they are a Florentine phenomenon. In 2013 I became infatuated with them when a tour guide pointed out the most famous and obvious wine door on via delle Belle Donne, 2. Here, visitors can read the hours of operation carved into the marble.

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Official Website Google Maps: Via dei Serragli, 47, 50124 Firenze FI, Italy This always-buzzing wine shop has floor to ceiling shelves stocked with the best vino in town. Their clever little wine window on the shop's exterior is the perfect place to grab a quick drink. Via dei Serragli can be busy.

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Some of the noble families that sold wine through these doors are still some of the great names of wine today: Barone Ricasoli with Castello del Brolio, Conti Capponi with Villa Calcinaia, and Albizi who married into the Frescobaldi family and combined estates.

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The wine windows on Florence (Buchette del Vino) are tiny doors that date back more or less to the 17th century and are present on most of Florence noble palaces.

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There are over 150 tiny historic doors (buchette del vino) hiding in plain sight in the city streets of Florence. Called wine doors (or wine windows) in English, these little portals allowed the noble families of Florence to sell their agricultural products directly to the common citizens in the era of Cosimo I de Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany.

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During the 1600s, a plague hit Florence that killed 12% of the population. The wine windows were perfect for this because they kept a distance between people purchasing their goods, which is almost what COVID-19 was like. Today, 285 of these windows have survived and been preserved and can be seen all around the city center, many of them being.

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Published Feb 4, 2023 Stroll the cobblestone streets of Florence and learn about the famous wine windows. Wikimedia Commons Via del giglio, buchetta del vino, Florence, Italy The sublime city of Florence was the epicenter of the Italian Renaissance in the 15th century, when classical philosophy, art, and literature were reborn.

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The Ornamentalist Doors of Florence Doors, Florence, Tuscany

Centuries-old wine windows in Florence put a novel spin on physical distancing Buchette allow wine to be sold from bars and restaurants while keeping customers at a distance Megan Williams.

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Buchette del vino, or wine windows, are a peculiar feature of Florence. They are little windows with inscriptions on the walls of some local nobles' palaces. They have been used for hundreds of years to sell wine in a fiasco (glass bottle) without having to open a shop and avoid paying taxes.

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Wine doors, also known as 'buchette del vino' in Italian, are a uniquely Tuscan invention which are scattered through the ancient city of Florence. These lovely hole-the-wall style windows serve wine to their customers directly, just like a regular bar would!

The Wine Doors of Florence Dall'Uva

On February 28, 1559, a state law passed that stated that in Florence the noble families were "permitted to sell wine in flasks, from their agricultural collections, only at the house of their home"("permesso il poter vendere a fiaschi vino, delle ricolte loro, solamente & alla casa della loro abitazione"); see Massimo Casprini, I Finestrini del.

The Wine Doors of Florence Dall'Uva

The Florence wine windows are characterised by their small arched windows in the side of otherwise unassuming walls throughout the city and are known in Italian as Buchette del vino (exact translation: little wine doors).

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15 August, 2020 G Goodbye plexiglass, and welcome back to the good old days. During this era of social distancing and anti-coronavirus containment measures, Florence merchants have brought back their so-called 'wine holes', reinstating them with their original function born during the plague: serving customers without contact.

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There is a curiosity of Florence hiding in plain sight. Long mistaken for religious tabernacles, the wine doors of Florence instead delivered wine to the commoners during the era of Cosimo I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany. To understand their development, we must take a step back.

Wine Doors of Florence Discover A Hidden Florence — Robbin Gheesling

This unique food and wine tour in Florence explores ancient "wine doors", which are small windows, big enough for wine bottles, carved out on noble palazzi during the Renaissance to sell wine. There are over 180 of these architectural curiosities, and started popping up in Florence in the 1500's as a way for wine makers in the Tuscan.